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Our webinar series started off with the realisation that beyond one on one interactions, people want a space to come together to discuss different views pertaining to mental health and the pandemic. 

The idea behind keeping these interdisciplinary was the view that the pandemic has had an effect on various domains of our lives and that each pose it’s own set of challenges. 

After the initial response to the series, we simultaneously started an Instagram Live Series to have one-on-one conversations with people from divergent backgrounds about practical tips and coping strategies during the pandemic. 

By hearing speakers speak on such issues from different viewpoints, our viewers can get some answers to questions that have been playing on their minds and provide an expert’s views on varied topics that are both relevant and interesting.



We have had panelists from diverse fields and disciplines; from psychology to commerce, from sociology to economics. Various branches of knowledge have been touched and spoken upon. During the webinars, our audience is presented with distinct opinions on the same topic of concern from multiple point of views and this enables them to understand a subject from a broader perspective.


Through our webinars, we are able to bridge the gap between expertise and those who seek it. We connect with skilled and accomplished specialists in diverse areas from around the globe who share their knowledge in the light of the theme of the webinar. This way, our viewers are assured of the genuineness and accuracy of the answers to the questions they put forth during the webinar. 



The best part about our interdisciplinary panel series is the exchange of knowledge. Every panelist brings a distinct set of skills and know-how to the table which fosters a vision in our viewers. By asking questions, taking detailed notes and being prepared for each day's events, our audience can leave a webinar with a wide range of applied knowledge in a specific field.



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Pop-culture and Mental Health

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Sports post Covid-19


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