Goodwill, Growth and Giving Back

Our latest webinar focused on the art of giving back and how it helps in our personal growth. On Saturday, 13th June, COVID 19 Helpline India conducted an interdisciplinary panel discussion on “How to engage with your community during a pandemic” at 6:00 PM IST. The event was aired live on zoom and Facebook, it was started by an informal introductory conversation among the panelists. Soon after that, Ms. Nikita Gupta acquainted the panelists and the audience with the COVID – 19 Helpline India initiative and how it aims to provide pro bono healthcare service during the pandemic. Following her, Ms. Anushta introduced the panelists and the moderator for the session, Ms. Jaanvi Chopra
The first speaker for the session was, Ms.Chiristine Holmes, an international social worker, alumna, and teacher associate at Columbia University as well as a visiting faculty for Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental health. Ms. Holmes started the discussion by discussing about the political scenario in Washington DC, she also highlighted how the pandemic is awakening a growth mindset among the people and that finally, they can see and respond to the injustices around them. She also mentioned about the course she conducted with Columbia University and how she acquainted the children with the concept of compassion so that they can be less distressful in the current scenario.Ms. Holmes further added, that as an educator she channeled her creativity towards her students, and modeled how to exercise compassion in the prevailing scenario. She said that there are no hard and fast rules to practice compassion, in fact, one can start with one’s self and pay attention to the people around.Ms.Holmes went on saying that the best way to adapt to change is to practice compassion.
The second speaker for the session was Ms.Bindi Dharia, Deputy Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University. She addressed the audience about India’s current social- sector crisis.Ms. Dharia mentioned how she has raised funds for the social sector and has recently done research on how COVID-19 has impacted the social sector. Ms. Dharia also stated that not all the funds they raised have reached the social sector fully. She’s also planning a series with Harvard Business School on how to aid the social sector. She mentioned that in India, the citizen movement has been more active than the center and people are responding to the needs of underprivileged. She further added, that most of the donations come either from the middle class or the upper-middle class. Ms. Dharia also shared her personal experience with the pandemic and highlighted the importance of family in one’s life. In the end, she also urged the audience to give back to the people who work for us by helping them in whichever way possible.
The third speaker for the session was Ms. Marci Marra, Management Consultant, Partner- Sia Partners, Certified Coach, and the member of Forbes Coaches Council. Ms. Marra started with an introduction about herself, she further talked about gratitude and how it transcends the cultural, social, and political differences. She made the audience acquainted with the political scenario in the USA  and talked about how people are making resources scarce for others who need them. She also mentioned that people have to realize the difference between a need and a want.Ms. Marra further discussed how she practices gratitude through spending her time talking to people and giving them a safe space to share their fears. She gives 100 % pro bono coaching and tells people not to pay her, instead to pay it forward. From her experience, she expressed how listening and talking can make you feel connected with the people and also added how the pandemic taught her to choose gratitude over fear.
The last speaker for the session was, Roshani Shehnazz, Globally Eminent Healing Therapist, Spiritual Well Being Coach, Happiness Mentor, Best Selling Author, and International Speaker. Ms. Shehnaaz talked about how procrastination has been reflected in today’s society. She also said that gratitude is the bar which will help in traversing this journey. She shared her experience with her clients and how they fathom the current situation. Ms. Shehnazz further added that the pandemic has drastically changed the mindset of the people and the universe has given us a chance to introspect. According to her, everyone cannot do everything but each one can do something. She suggested helping those in need and this practice of gratitude can thus, create a beautiful society as well as change the dynamics and vibrations through the practice of gratitude and compassion.
The addresses by the panelists were followed by an informative question and answer session. The panelists offered an insightful perspective on the concept of growth, goodwill, and giving back and also talked about loss, the ways to cope with it, and being able to control our fearful responses in the current scenario.Ms. Jaanvi Chopra then concluded the session by expressing sincere thanks to the panelists as well as the audience.


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