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A pandemic of virus or humanity?

5000 years ago from now, the greatest war of the Hindu mythology was fought, The Mahabharata! It was believed back then, that Mahabharata was a mark to the end of 'Kali Yuga'. This is the fourth and final era in the spiritual evolution of man, also referred to as 'Iron Age'. This timeline reappears in a gap of 5000 years and thus, 2020 is nearly the last years of the second cycle. This timeline marks the onset of inhumanity, envy, hatred, hunger, suffrage, severe anxieties and perplexity. Hindu brethren believe that the virus resided in the world as the era of Kali Yuga comes to an end and as a result of the karmic deeds of humans. Adding on, also a Supreme Court Judge remarked the pandemic calling it to be an outcome of "Ghor Kalyug."

An economist named Thomas Malthus writes in his essay on 'Principle of Population' that without the practice of 'moral restraint', the population tends to increase at a rate faster than the power of the earth to sustain them. As a check and balance, the planet adopts corrective measures such as famine, floods, war and bloodshed and natural disasters.

Around six months back, how often have you missed going to school/college or longed to work in your office chamber? About six months back from now, how often did you hear of words like gratitude and thankfulness?

Until now, 2020 has been a year full of disasters and distortions of the planet. Starting from the bushfire in Australia, devastating floods in Indonesia, earthquakes in several countries, cyclone Amphan, the explosion in Beirut, locusts swarms to the barbaric life taking pandemic.

A microscopically visible virus travelled all across the globe disabling humans from such acts of life, barring which was unimaginable, back then. The coronavirus has not only brought with it a hideously terrifying disease but also a sustainable outlook on life, mandatory for survival. The lifestyle people have adopted, the change of eating and sleeping patterns, the will of staying fit and strongly immunized and above all leading a life of glee tops the priority list. A viable behavioural change this pandemic has brought into people is being grateful for what life has to offer today, free from anxieties of tomorrow. Focusing more on what we already have, has overruled the greediness of desires and wants. The happiness and gratefulness being enjoyed today do not come from luxurious vacations, an acceptance letter offering a job of a great pay scale, fancy dinners, shopping sprees but the earlier forgotten menial virtues. Baking a perfect cake, being asked by someone about your day, complimenting a stranger and receiving one, laughing your lungs out with family, cuddling your pet, watching the skies or be it playing a game you used to play when you were young; has given us the fullness and satisfaction not felt in years. Life had become a rush-hour with every person in a hurry for something. The world was running in a race with no finish line. The leisure time this lockdown has provided, brought with it an hour of self-introspection, a pause to the buzz and calm to the storm of everyday stress.

The pandemic brought with it not only a virus but an air of change. Teaching to sustain not only in a sombre phase but also to bloom out of the dark.

by - Dikshita Choudhary

graphic by - Brijesh Kumar


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