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A Survey on Public View of Pandemic Precautions


A survey among the youth was conducted to gather data on the public view on the precautions being adopted to combat the Covid-19 pandemic which was consequently analyzed. The collected statistics give an interesting view of how well the youth, at a personal level, are taking care of the spread of the virus.


  • To analyze the public view regarding the precautions being taken in lieu of the Covid19 pandemic.

  • To get a picture of the general direction in which society is moving since the re-opening of the society.

Research Questions

Research Design

  • Scope

The data has been collected from youngsters between the ages of 15-19 virtually.

  • Sampling

For this study, teenagers were randomly selected to answer the given questions. The method of sampling was random.

  • Study design

A survey was conducted by asking questions to the stated age group to gather information about their view on the precautions being adopted to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tools of the data collection

For study purposes, a pre-designed questionnaire was created to attain the required information.

Analysis and Interpretation

Firstly, and most importantly, it needed to be established whether the precautions being taken are sufficient or those need to be tweaked by either increasing or lowering.

A whopping 74.1% of those who were asked felt that there was a need for stricter measures while 22.2% believed that the established general rules are enough to keep the virus in check. On a brighter note, not even a single person felt that the precautions being taken were more than necessary, indicating that each individual understood the importance of the measures being taken.

Another important factor which was focused on was the common opinion on wearing of the mask. The results for this were extremely satisfactory.

96.3% individuals made a conscious effort to put on a mask before stepping out of their houses. A small minority of people believed that a mask is necessary only when interacting with another person, which is a theory that is now gaining popularity. Fortunately, no one is of the opinion that a mask isn’t necessity in these times.

Next, data was gathered to perceive the mindset of the youth regarding visiting cafés, restaurant and other social public places. This is the best age group for the survey of this factor, considering teenagers go out more frequently than others. Here, the answers indicates the transition from a complete lockdown to a situation of more movement.

Roughly 77.8% people feel that one should step out in these public places only when absolutely necessary or urgent. However, some people also felt that one can start stepping out, keeping in mind the precautions the place itself is taking. A group of people also believed that one must absolutely go out once in a while, signifying the need for a return to normalcy.

Talking about the issue that concerns the youth the most- opening of schools and colleges was a close 50-50.

While a fair half of the population declared that it was too unsafe to go back to school, the other 50% felt that they should either open immediately, or soon in the times to come.

The most conflicted opinion was that of whether weddings and parties are safe enough to be held at the moment.

An estimated 59.3% people held a firm opinion that not more than 10 people should be allowed to gather at one place as opposed to 18.5% of the population which was vehemently against any social gatherings. 11.1% of the people felt that it is absolutely safe as long as one adopts sufficient precautions, another faction of 11.1% also believed that one can host a gathering with a cap of 50 guests safely.

In terms of usage of public transport, there was again a divide in public opinion. Although, we must note that these are the results of analysis of that part of the population that is not working, and not using public transport on a daily basis.

The majority held the view that those with a genuine reason should be provided with public transport facilities, that too with maintained levels of safety and adequate precautions. Interestingly, a decent sect of the population, around 15%, were of the opinion that this mode of travel being an essential, must be opened in all areas. On the other hand, an almost similar number of people also felt that this is a point of extreme contact and mustn’t be used at all costs.


In conclusion, we see that the majority is in favor of the policies put into practice in lieu of the pandemic. However, some are now pushing for more liberalized standards of social distancing. We are undergoing a phase of transition with the unlock systems being carried forward, and thus a conflicting view among the youth is coming to the surface.

by: Alaina Rara

graphic by: Shristi

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