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Attending online classes being in school during the Pandemic

The worldwide Pandemic caused due to the Novel CoronaVirus has caused havoc in the lives of people, whether it is physically, mentally and socially. Us as humans have been facing a state of burnout currently touching the 6th month of the pandemic. Students, on the other hand, are going through an immense amount of academic pressure in these times of uncertainty.

Being a student from grade 12, I have had my share of experiences! Throughout these six months, I have for the first time in my life studied an entire semester through online classes which are a rather interesting experience and I can juxtapose my school life before the pandemic with the school life I have currently. Initially, there was a sense of curiosity and confusion as to how students in school would manage their bustling school lives within a single platform. Teachers were also equally confused and we're adapting as well to the new and said normal functioning of life. As time passed us by and everyone seemed to be stuck in an unpleasant and monotonous daily routine, we as students engrossed ourselves in school work and various projects that were being handed to us through online means. But as time went by and the syllabus was being followed at a set pace, a sense of exhaustion followed through due to the lack of social life and increasing pressure especially if one is a grade 12 student. Currently, the biggest problem is handling the various new forms of assessments being thrown at us which is accompanied by the sheer uncertainty of what the future holds.

In all honesty, it is extremely sad to be spending an entire year at home, and even worse when it is your last year of school life! But this rollercoaster ride of fear and apprehension has also led to new and interesting beginnings! I have interacted with my teachers more than I ever would have in the normal day to day functioning of school life and I have experienced various new things which I couldn’t have during the normal days. Now that there is conjecture of schools being opened up soon, according to me, all the students are just wishing for peace of mind and social life!

By - Roohani Singh Graphic by - Nainika

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