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Creative Expression of Self in Time of Homebound

Pablo Picasso quoted beautifully: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” And I believe these words peculiarly make sense to today’s form of the world.

Stressed? Anxious? Sad? Overwhelmed? Just project them out.

Scared to? Just start.

A few months ago, when the world was free from any sort of health emergency, life was as you liked it and each one had their delusional bubble of living surrounding them. To have a comfortable set of people and ease of environment around was natural, back then. With the world entering into a pandemic, we parallelly fell into a trap of bottled up, misunderstood sentiments. Challenging these feelings is difficult and having to deal with them in the absence of a confidant (as in most households adults, as well as teenagers, are not always comfortable to share their emotional well being with parents) can be even tougher. Not able to share apprehensive feelings, perplex emotions, increases the intensity of perturbed thoughts, making them severe and thus, turning into a strong attitude.

We might have noticed that if we experience an emotion over a large period, it turns into the way we portray our image and perceive about ourselves. Such thoughts take a turn on our personalities and our picture of selves. Consequently, increasing the risk of disturbed mental health as aftermath.

Channelising, projecting such emotions into some creative activity helps to curb the distorted pattern of perceptions, calming the person. All of us, in our lives, would have a habit or a practise which is a stress buster. It might be journaling, blogging, creating mandalas, listening to podcasts or even recording one, making humorous videos ad so on. These activities are viewed as a portrait of thoughts, an all-time big escape to free the mind. It sheds the harsh thoughts we held in the back of our heads for long, as well as creating a piece to be relished by the people seeing it too.

‘The expression of human creative skills and imagination in some visual, auditory or performing activities to be appreciated for their emotional ability is art.’

As we associate ourselves to one or the other form of creative practise, we may infer that in some way they reflect our current mood, state of mind, our set of beliefs or how we perceive ourselves. Spending time doing things which we love the most are not only confidence boosters but also make us believe in ourselves, thus keeping our emotional well-being intact.

In the last few months, when mental health was a big concern for all of us (minus the virus), we would’ve found spending most of our leisure time into some form of productivity to unveil the negative emotions from weighing us down. With this, you might also have observed that at least one friend or person around you or even you might have created a YouTube channel, Instagram handles for fashion and blogging, artworks, poetry, photography, home cafes or bakeries, memes and even a political blog with authentic articles. People might have even tried their hands on something they’ve never done before!

People from these spheres feel that while creating such content they feed the wrecking storm of ifs and buts within themselves and experience and commute the thoughts that shape them into the person they are.

A study conducted by Lightricks suggests that more than 90% of social media "creators," said they use creativity apps to deal with boredom. They also found out that viewers through such content enjoyed exploring their own creativity. The metrics infer that 46% of the content creators opine that lockdown content has been more inspiring than ever and 48% said that it has even more colourful, adding on that there has been a desire to generate good feelings amongst all through their creativity. Also big brand such as Unilever, Spotify, have adopted creative automation tools encouraging netizens towards more creative content. One of the most expressible way and letting out of emotions is podcasts, during the lockdown Hubhopper recorded a 40% increase in the number of people intending to create their own podcasts.

Be it content creation online or offline, the world has witnessed a steady peak in all the creative activities. With more and more people dating back to the tradition of diary writing and journaling, the lockdown tends to witness more creative practices than before and alike ways, kept the free flow of emotions intact in some form.

by - Dikshita Choudhary

graphic by - Niharika Suri

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