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How Are the Elderly Coping With the Pandemic?

Coronavirus has affected all of us in every which way possible, but there are some people who are relatively more emotionally and physically vulnerable than us - our elderly population. Along with the engulfing fear of being the section of people who are the most susceptible to the virus, they also lack vital knowledge about technology, which seems like the only thing helping most of us survive this lockdown. So here I am, in conversation with my grandmother asking her about her journey throughout these three months.

Q. What was your first reaction when you heard about Coronavirus and the lockdown which was inching in?

Ans. I was really worried and scared, obviously. Looking at everyone panic made me really anxious and both my children just need a reason to be paranoid, so they started harassing me about not going out to get groceries which irritated me at first but when I heard the news every day I myself refrained from going outside.

Q. What does your daily routine in quarantine sound like?

Ans. I was never a creature of social interactions, I always enjoyed staying at home doing my chores and making my house look clean and pretty so my routine is relatively the same, except now that the entire family is at home and there are no maids to cook and clean, I have to work harder while fulfilling everyone’s mostly unreasonable demands, but I thoroughly enjoy the company of all my children and my grandchildren. I finish my chores, watch some television series and exercise and have been following the same routine since lockdown started.

Q. What do you miss the most about the life before lockdown?

Ans. I miss you and your mother of course, and other than that I miss going out for a stroll in the evening with my friends as it was always a nice change for me and I ended up getting the exercise required. But I also miss picking up your younger sister from her bus- stand and then buying her ice cream after she throws a tantrum every single day. It’s the little things that I miss the most.

Q. Has not knowing much about technology and gadgets affected you during this lockdown?

Ans. Not really, I have always been busy doing my house chores that I barely get time to waste on technology. The only thing I do is watch some series on Netflix or Youtube when I’m free and I know how to use the remote and if I’m confused I ask my son or call you up for help.

Q. Is there anything new you learnt during the lockdown period?

Ans. Yes, I have learnt various new exercises and even learnt some yoga. Earlier I would just go for basic walks but now that I have started doing yoga it has really helped me in many ways, I feel much more active and much healthier than before. I have also understood the concept of a zoom call, where I can talk to you while looking at your face through the phone screen, but if I’m honest I don’t like it as much I would prefer meeting you in person.

Q. What is the first thing you will do after this lockdown ends?

Ans. I will meet you, and come to your house and stay with you for a few days. I would also meet my sisters who live in Gurgaon and catch up with them because I don’t even remember the last time I met them. But, the one thing I will do is undoubtedly going to meet my friends and walking around the block with them talking about various things and finally sitting on a bench together near the central park and discussing what we’ve all been up to.

By - Roohani Singh Artwork by - Gayathri Nair

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