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How feeding animals during these times can be therapeutic

The pandemic has yet again encapsulated another month of this eventful year. Each one of us has been through a rather emotional journey throughout the lockdown enforced by the government, but what many of us haven’t reaped yet, is that there are numerous unheard souls out on the streets who were and in all probability are still suffering due to the lockdown.

If I go back to the initial weeks of lockdown, I immediately feel a sense of fear but a relief as well, an all in all paradoxical feelings. I vividly remember hearing all sorts of blubber regarding dogs and cats, and how they can be potential carriers of the virus, and how people are willing to abandon their pets out of the irrational fear they had instilled within themselves due to COVID-19. That was officially the point where I decided to go out, and feed the dogs, cows, and any animal that was willing to eat the food I offered them. Now boiling down to the facts, the lockdown due to Coronavirus demanded that each one of us stays at home to remain safe, that unfortunately means that the local dhabas, shopkeepers and restaurants stand to be shut. Usually in our country, animals that are living on the streets, tend to survive off the food they get from these stand-alone pop-up shops or the leftovers they find from the dumpsters, but since everything came to a halt, these animals were deprived of their only source of food and apart from that, they were also subjected to the cruelty caused by the unnecessary rumors that were being circulated initially. Now speaking from personal experience when I first went out to feed the dogs I was nervous, but when I saw those tails wagging with joy, and those cows coming at me for food, all the skeptical and fidgety feelings around the pandemic vanished, and I was filled to the brim with joy! After the first time, I realized that feeding animals made me feel much better because every single day when I felt emotionally burdened with the news revolving around death and danger, the burden would automatically disappear in thin air the moment I fed those animals.

All in all, feeding animals to date has been a beautiful experience and I would highly suggest it as well because, amidst all the chaos, I felt like I was making a change even through the smallest of efforts. Thus, I feel like feeding animals in these times is a therapeutic experience solely because the change you make and the happiness you end up exuberating through your efforts is much bigger than any fear that comes along with the Corona-virus.

by - Roohani Singh

Graphic by - Gayathri Nair


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