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How Vulnerable People are Dealing with the Lockdown

The Pandemic caused has scarred 2020 massively. When the government decided to “unlock” places beside the places which provided essential commodities, people displayed varying emotions towards this action. Some people were pleased to get back to some form of normalcy, and the others were anxious to get back to things with a dangerous virus looming upon their heads. The feelings on both ends were valid, but we forgot about how the older people and young children still cannot benefit in any which way from the unlock.

Despite the “unlock” as they call it, wasn’t exactly what it termed to be, children below the age of 10 and the elderly population were supposed to be locked up in their houses because they, unfortunately, fell in the high-risk category. Now from what I know, our grandparents at this age have minimal means of entertainment, they enjoy going out for a walk sometimes and like meeting their children and grandchildren, and if that’s taken also away, then they are bound to feel lonely and confined within their houses. Children, on the other hand, have hectic lives as it is, they are always preoccupied with activities given by their schools, regularly attending birthday parties and exercising daily. Now staying at home and being deprived of their routines was already torturous enough for them, but now watching everyone getting the opportunity to go out while taking preventive measures. At the same time, they have to sit at home and ponder upon the thought of finally being able to return to some if not all form of normalcy has proven to be extremely harmful to them. Grandparents are drowning in emotions of sadness and loneliness, and children are being deprived of the primary routine they followed. The physical stimulation they got by merely playing in the park outside has been taken away from them.

Now, there is unfortunately not much we can do to help them, because the steps being taken by the government for them may be harsh, but are for their greater good. All we can do is to be sensitive to their situation and interact with them so that they don’t feel more left out than they already are being. These times demands unity and kindness more than ever. Check on your own grandparents or the tiny tots in your extended families.

by - Roohani Singh Graphic by - Brijesh Kumar

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