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Is going back to school a good idea right now?

The Covid Numbers in India are increasing day by day In India, according to WHO there is a daily hike of 70,000+ cases. In these times while nearly spending 6 months at home, one has forgotten about going to school and college. But unfortunately the government thinks otherwise.

Educating students in this pandemic and the inevitable lockdown has been rough, teaching students through technological means is a paradoxical situation as it is, but its impalpable for the students to learn to their best of potential through online means. So it is evident that eventually there will have to be ways for students to attend school in the later half of the year in which we are currently in but, to what extent are the authorities willing to go to, to ensure safety as well as the normal ways of education. According to a report by the times of India, only 33% of parents are willing to send their children to school for extremely obvious reasons regarding safety in general. The Corona Virus is a dangerous illness and it is a parent’s worst fear to even imagine and dwell upon the thought of their child getting the virus itself. Now, there has been conjecture that India is planning to follow New Zealand’s strategy of the unlock of the school, but it is imperative to note that the number of cases in New Zealand is a total of 9, which is close to none.

India is in the deep end in today’s date, and the opening up of schools and putting children at a higher risk may end up being a fatal flaw which was made by the system itself, and all in all does not seem like a good idea, the virus is still hanging on our heads like a sword and holding large gatherings even for educational purposes does not deem to have a positive end. But unfortunately only time and the government will be able to tell what the future holds for us, till then it is absolutely necessary to remain positive and safe at all times.

by - Roohani Singh

graphic by - Brijesh Kumar

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