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Issues of Women's Mental Health During the Pandemic

We all know that being a woman is tough. From juggling multiple tasks at home to juggling multiple assignments in office, they usually have to work harder than others to keep things in place. The lockdown caused due to Covid -19 has been like a double-edged sword for everyone, but women all around the world have been facing a list of predicaments making things extremely difficult for them during these uncomfortable times.

Being locked up in the house with a gun on your head the moment you go outside is a stress-inducing situation as it is, but being a woman sitting inside those four walls is not as comfortable as it seems. Division of labour in our society has always been a point of concern and household chores in well-to-do families have usually been done by women along with domestic help. However, since the beginning of the lockdown, women have been facing double the burden as before. Women who have jobs have to deal with a stressful routine daily managing their household chores along with their work. Moreover, there has been a terrible increase in the rates of domestic abuse as the months have been passing by in this lockdown; most women are stuck inside with their oppressors and are being abused physically as well as mentally on an almost daily basis. Recent data released by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) suggests that the nationwide lockdown has led to a rapid increase in cases of domestic violence with Uttarakhand recording the highest number of domestic violence cases in the last two months of lockdown followed by Haryana and Delhi on number two and three respectively. Apart from mental trauma, this problem also has economic repercussions for women belonging to low-income families. An example is hearing our maid tell us she skipped a day’s work due to the repercussions of her husband’s beating. Considering the fact that these women are unable to earn their daily wage due to the economic backlash and have no social safety nets to lean on, many of them have to take up compromising jobs to feed their families, which may harm them mentally.

To sum it up, women have not only been dealing with double the burden from work as well as home, but they have also been facing issues that lead to the deterioration of one’s physical and mental health which is extremely harmful in the longer run. A silver lining to an elaboration on women’s issues is that there are solutions to some if not all of them which can easily be implemented at home. The first and foremost solution is to help take off the extra workload from home so that women can ease out and divide their time adequately. Secondly, to make things easier for the help we all have at home, we should keep giving them their salaries so that they don’t have to suffer in other aspects. Thirdly, we must talk to our friends and family and keep in touch so that if anyone is facing any kind of abuse, we can get them out of that situation and help them. There are various legal and rehabilitation steps that if followed, can benefit the victims. During these stressful times, mental and physical health should be our topmost priority and it is our responsibility to relieve others of the pressure when we see them doing more that they can or should handle. Reach out, talk, help and stay safe!

By - Roohani Singh Graphic By - Rozanne Jojo

If you or a loved one are facing emotional issues, reach out to us at covid19helplineindia@gmail.com or at 7707070002. Our services are free and completely confidential. Here are other helplines you can reach out to - Women's Helpline - 1091 Domestic Abuse Helpline - 181 National Commission for Women - 011-26942369, 26944754

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