It’s Okay to Miss Out on Things

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The year 2020 was embraced with love and just like every other year, I saw many people make various resolutions, promises and the yearly proclamations of the following year being amazing or the best one yet and how it will overpower the underwhelming previous year. Things took a turn when the Coronavirus barged into our lives and we couldn’t protect ourselves emotionally and physically. The virus affected us in so many ways that were uncalled for: we were locked in our homes with our routines coming to a sudden halt along with the fear that we may get the virus. With world leaders clueless and a deadly virus encapsulating the entire world, our mental health started deteriorating. One thing I personally, and I’m sure many more felt too, was the eerie guilt of breaking down about missing out on small but significant milestones in my life.

Feeling bad about missing out on milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and graduation or feeling bogged down on not being able to devour your favourite desserts from the café you regularly visited, seemed very normal and natural to me. But when I saw the news headlines flash every single day reflecting a new issue that people from humble homes were facing, or about the plight of the migrant workers, I immediately felt like my urban sorrows stemmed from my privilege which simultaneously led to guilt. Here I was, crying and wallowing in my thoughts, thinking about how it was so unfair that I missed my birthday and how I will continue to miss the last few days of my school life before college, when at the same time people out there were struggling to survive due to the lack of jobs and the economic halt.

Initially, along with school work, the lack of social life, and following an uncomfortably seamless routine, I was burdened with the guilt of sulking about my minor problems with much bigger battles being faced by people outside my bubble. However, as these three devious months went by, I realised that this guilt was unnecessary. We all have certain things that matter to us, things that we are emotionally involved in. I realised that feeling bad about missing out on things which are important to me is not morally wrong because it is important to acknowledge the issues affecting our mental health! And there is absolutely nothing wrong in coping with these issues with whatever way we feel necessary. Yes, there are problems out there which are bigger, but issues that affect us mentally also matter. As long as we go with the flow and are in a balanced state of mind, we can slowly accept and hope for better things ahead because missing out is okay when better situations are in store for you in the future.

By – Roohani Singh Feature image by – Gayathri Nair

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