Love In The Time of Corona

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Dating to the largest extent depends on physical contact- seeing, kissing, and other tactile stimulation . How do you fall in love at the first site when you’re separated by 6 feet? How do you say I love you when closeness points to love traditionally, but COVID-19 mandates social distance? This blog explores dating from a girlfriend’s point of view who has been in a relationship before and during COVID, tracing the issues faced by couples in the lockdown and everything else. Pre-lockdown, my dates consisted of a scrumptious lunch at a cozy café, talking endlessly and mindlessly to my partner sitting on the other side of the table. However, in the past two months, I have barely seen him once. That one time, he was down on the street, waving at me and three floors above I stood looking down at him, trying to shout something without waking up the neighborhood. That’s how the current lockdown has altered my relationship. I now understand the pangs of a long distance relationship at a more personal level. But that doesn’t mean that the quality of my relationship has deteriorated. At least, I would hope not. For those struggling, I have found some easy tricks that help me sale through odds. Here are the top tips I would suggest to those dealing with relationship issues.

  1. Have a Netflix Party: It’s a simple plugin and we all anyway watch some show or the other, so why not watch it together? I couple my parties with a simple WhatsApp video call where both of us keep ourselves on mute. This gives me the confidence that we are actually doing something together. Alongside, we occasionally unmute to discuss the characters and the plot, sometimes even gossiping about the celebrities.

  2. Bake Together but Apart: We try the same recipes and compare notes. I am not a master chef and can’t really cook well, so mostly it’s just me listening attentively to his tips about how to batter my cake smoother, sautè my pasta yummier and garnish my plates better. But it helps, knowing you can enjoy something together and reap the rewards later- that is, if you manage to cook without stirring up a kitchen disaster- is satisfying.

  3. Make POST Lockdown plans: This might seem very hypothetical, given the situation right now, but it always gives us something to look forward to. Discuss about where you’ll go for your date or make a wish-list about what you’ll do when you will at last meet. It keeps you optimistic when you have nothing to hold onto. These tips work for me, might or might not work for you. But look at the brighter side, every day apart mean, one day closer to being together. See what aligns with your relationship and figure out ways to retain that intimacy even in such catastrophic hours, be creative! May these distances bring you closer.

By – Nikita Gupta Artwork by – Gayathri Nair

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