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Millennial Musings Amidst the New Normal

As the waves of the ocean hit the sand 🌊

We realise how little we understand

About people in general, and about life,

Some days its magic, and other days strife.


In such a tumultuous time🕐

All we ask is to be fine

To go back to our carefree ways

Where most things weren't in a haze.


Each new development astounds you more ♠️

You try to escape mundane chores

To navigate the complexity of the new normal

And you wish things didn’t have to be so formal.


You ask to gain clarity, to assuage your fears,

Your voice seems to fall on deaf ears…🙉

The millennial rules just don't seem to make sense,

Most people seem to be sitting on the fence

Is human interaction so complex, you wonder?

There is anyway ample time to ponder

Is reaching out in troubled times a sin?

Or is it always being misconstrued, amidst this din?


Being busy amidst a lockdown isn’t a joke,

It is more probable to hear a dog croak 🐸

Is preoccupation all day, every day, possible?

Maybe you should just take a hint, that’s plausible

There are grey areas, which you want to move past,

This is a comedy of errors, and you've been miscast

You weren't in the inner circle, nor the acquaintance list,

You slowly, albeit too late, start seeing the gist.


You start recognizing the slow fade 🧩

You wonder if you should throw some shade

'You gotta play the hand if you dealt it'

Ain't trying no more to unravel this, legit.

You assume it isn’t a big deal,

Maybe it's just the lack of normalcy and zeal

The streets and those places don’t seem the same,

'It is what it is', that's fair game. 🌟🌟


You try to divert yourself to sanitize...🧼

You ask aloud, is it too late to apologize?

Are you even supposed to though?

Guess you will never know!

You brace yourself for the inevitable,

The circumstances hurtle towards the irretrievable

'Cause, in this age of ghosting and being mean,

You realise, the new normal, is being left on seen! 💥💥

by - Dr. Anusha Taarinie Jha, MBBS, KMC Manipal

Graphic by - Gayathri Nair

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