One Call Away – How Our Helpline Started

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It began with a simple realization – as comfortably off students with a background in Psychology, most of us were equipped with the tools and resources to weather out the isolation and stress during what is one of the strangest and most trying times of our lives, with relative ease.

But what about others? What about those whose jobs are put on the line, those whose loved ones are in the vulnerable category, those who are struggling but feel guilty about it because somebody else certainly has it worse, or those who are simply anxious about the unknown?

Covid-19 Helpline India began in March as a pro bono initiative spearheaded by alumnae of the Lady Shri Ram College. The idea was simple – reach out to people via social media, and let them know that they could call, text, or e-mail for emotional support and psychological help.

As the pandemic and its impact rages, so do our efforts.

Through the tireless effort of over fifty volunteers, the Helpline has responded to over 750 calls for help. Thirty-plus phone operators trained in psychology have followed up with every caller at least twice, answered calls in 7 languages, and dealt with all manners of challenges faced by people aged 18 to 41 from over 20 cities.

These statistics are bittersweet – while they show us that people are suffering, they have also inspired us to work even harder to reach out to those who need us the most. Our brilliant social media team working across 4 platforms is making this possible. Every day, we try our best.

If you need our help, we are here. We request you to help us share the word so that we can reach where we are needed.


Volunteers of COVID-19 Helpline India

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