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Scars Unseen - A Poem

A physical sensation,

Manifests as a scar,

Tempestuous emotions,

A hidden avatar.

Feelings hidden,

Pain expressed,

Therapy forbidden,

Mental duress.

A smile on the surface,

Sadness on the inside,

Hard to trace,

Easy to chide.

Mental health discounted,

Time and time again,

This has amounted,

To an an internalization of pain.

A cry for help,

Goes unnoticed,

While someone yelps,

And is at risk.

It’s time we use our voice,

For those not as strong,

Provide them with a choice,

Make them feel like they belong.

Break the stigma,

Make it okay,

Understand the enigma,

It’s okay not to be okay.

Mental health matters,

It shouldn’t come as a shock,

The taboo needs to be shattered,

The acceptance needs to be unlocked.

Empathy, kindness, compassion,

What do they mean,

Gratitude in abundance, not ration,

Being a good human being.

#poetry #art #positivity #creativity #poem #covidexperience

By - Jaanvi Chopra Graphic by - Niharika Suri

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