Spread – A Poem

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I’ve never wished to dine with Death, Clad in a doctor’s garb, which smothers my breath. I’ve never wished to heal one stranger to my kind; Say I, “Is this the fate which your Lord has in mind?” He grins, “Nay, as you’re my God, and we just met.”

Pathos abounds; most of the ill are asleep. Some don’t rise- what little time I’ve to weep! “You’re different, old man, what keeps you so calm? What magic of yours is it which makes me feel warm?” Oh! It’s his laughter- rich, merry, deep.

How many truly hope, without shivering in dread? How many shower love while suffering in bed? I want him to live, and he will, after a while, As some deity above has a special purpose for his smile. After all, isn’t there much more a patient can spread?


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Based on the themes of hope and love, ‘SPREAD’ is a poem based in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a tense period where hatred and stigma infests each and every human like a virus. Describing the exchange between a doctor and his patient- a representation of God giving life to Adam –it seeks to bring about the troubles faced by both individuals, showing that in times of crisis, there is much more that can be spread apart from a deadly disease- smiles, love, and hope.

Feature image by – Niharika Suri





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