The Art of Healing – An Instagram Live Session

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

On 11th June 7:00 pm, the Instagram handle of Covid-19 Helpline India went live with Ms Kavya Atra, co-founder of PsyZen, and a practitioner of art therapy. The host for the Helpline’s handle was Ms Nikita Ramamchandran, who helped facilitate the connection between the audience and Kavya. The intimate and interactive sessions explored how art, accessible and available to all, could be used in the present times and beyond as a way of reducing stress, facilitating communication, and as a tool of introspection.

Kavya began by emphasizing that art doesn’t just mean drawing or painting – theater, drama, writing, music, and many other expressive activities come under the term. Movement, according to Kavya is the key. The sessions discussed how art can help you in letting go emotionally and mentally, allowing your feelings, frustrations, fears and ideas flow freely and enabling you to create something in the process. With art, the process of expression also becomes a little easier as it is just you and your emotions – you do not need a second person that you have to talk to these things about. Kavya then went on to highlight the psychological benefits of art therapy, ranging from a reduction in anxiety and depression to the increased ability to tolerate pain. In therapeutic settings, art therapy is being increasingly used as a method of rapport formation, to allow the therapist and the client to bond together in a trusting relationship and bring problems to the surface without the client needing to speak much.

In the end, Kavya emphasized that art can become a novel way of communicating what you feel to the world – and even help you look into the pool of your own thoughts and feelings. The questions from the audience flew throughout the session, the most frequently asked one being about being trained in art in order to use it therapeutically. To this, the speaker said that the goal is not to create something flawless, it is simply to pour oneself out. Even just taking a pen and paper and just scribbling something can be all you need to get started.

Artwork by Niharika Suri

So don’t hesitate to pick up a pen, a paper, or even a song or a dance – let your movements flow, and you may find yourself letting go all that’s holding you back. And if you still feel that your problems are clinging on, we are here to help up 7707070002 and at to help you out.

By – Niharika Rawat Feature image by – Nuti Yadav

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