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The Fear of Availing Services - And What Consumers Can Do

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With the unlock phase which has started all over the country, service providers are back in business. Whether its restaurants, beauty salons, workplaces, temples, tourist destinations and so on, India is trying to attain normalcy to help the economy rise.

As the nation witnessed a nationwide lockdown for almost a period of 3 months, it will be difficult for the consumers to go out and avail services the way they used to do earlier. As people are now going back to work, the need for services like pet walkers, babysitters, drivers, house help and house guards is going to increase as well but the fear of catching COVID from the outsiders can prevent consumers from availing the services. This is not going to create difficulties for the consumers, but it is also going to hit the businesses as well.

With busy life-schedules people have, sooner or later, they will have to avail the services. While doing so, they need to understand and remember that it is not only the responsibility of the service provider to take the necessary precautions but also the responsibility of the consumer as well. If the service provider is wearing masks, sanitizing himself/herself, using sanitizers and maintaining a social distance, then it is also the responsibility of the consumer to take the same precautions.

When in April this year, a pizza delivery boy from Savitri Vihar tested COVID positive, every house where he delivered was quarantine and even the consumers who came in contact with others were as well. It was seen in this incident that the consumers were quick to blame the delivery agent for being ill This blaming happened despite the fact that the houses were only quarantined, and no new cases of Covid emerged from these houses. It is important to remember that these people were voluntarily availing a service. It is also important to note that the delivery agent was a young man working in the middle of the pandemic. As a blue-collar worker, he could not afford to work from home or take a leave. He was out there risking his health and providing a service because he needed to sustain himself.

If during the pandemic, the consumers are availing services of any kind, then they need to understand that they are doing this because it is their need. They cannot blame the service provider for them or anyone else catching COVID because the disease is in itself so contagious that anyone can catch it, and right now, consumers need to internalize that they cannot condemn the providers if anything goes wrong as it is not their or anyone else’s choice to catch COVID.

Yes, availing services is a part of our lives and we cannot avoid it but the least we can do is take the necessary precautions which can prevent the spread of the disease for everyone:

  1. Maintaining a proper social distance from the provider.

  2. Making sure that the provider sanitizes his/her shoes and hands before entering the house or touching anything.

  3. Sanitizing all the surfaces once the provider leaves with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

  4. Wearing masks when the services are being taken or availed.

  5. In case of availing services from beauty saloons, it is advised to take a proper bath to kill the germs if any of exist.

  6. They should wash their hands or sanitize their hands

Apart from this, the precautions which should be taken by service providers are:

  1. Learning properly that how they should provide services. The companies should ensure that their workers know the new set of norms which have emerged.

  2. They should leave the delivery packages outside the houses. Before touching the package, they should sanitize their hands.

  3. They should use masks, PPE kits and use sanitizers whenever needed.

  4. They should make sure that they do not touch surfaces unnecessarily.

  5. They should either remove or sanitize their shoes before entering the houses.

The consumers can ensure proper availing of services by acting as sensitive and responsible beings towards the providers and the providers in turn-taking all the necessary steps possible. The world we live in is highly unpredictable and the least we can do is be kind and responsible towards each other.

By - Itti Mahajan Graphic by - Broomees Graphic Team

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