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The Pressure of Being Productive

Right from the beginning of the lockdown all of our social media feeds have been flooded with people spending their quarantine learning new things, taking up courses, cooking, painting and the list goes on. The internet has turned into a big advertisement for workshops, online classes and training sessions. Not having a skill or interest to work upon hangs like an added burden over our heads. In our minds, it appears as if everyone has levelled up to a modified and more skilled version of themselves.

While all of this seems great, it builds up a social pressure on others to be productive as well. This 'hustle culture' makes several people feel helpless and demotivated. The agony of excelling at something at a time where the whole world is at a pause, for many of us leads to our mental stress skyrocketing. As human beings, we instinctively compare our achievements to those of others, and before we know it, we're undermining ourselves and our capabilities for not achieving what some of our friends and family have during this time. Our mind goes into a downward spiral of guilt and even shame for not doing a bucket load of activities. All of these add up into majorly affecting our state of happiness, positive outlook and mental well-being at a difficult and isolated time like this.

However, as we come out each day in the hopes that the stay-at-home period will soon end, we need to come to terms with the fact that it is not everyone's cup of tea to stay indoors and keep moving through a monotonous routine. While for some this quarantine may have been a gift of time, many others have lost the drive within to do something each day in what seems to be this never-ending rut. The pandemic is not limited to our physical state, it is also a combined trauma that we are going through, with increasing issues of mental health, it is, therefore, necessary that we normalize individuals facing a creative block or simply going through a combination of overpowering laziness and helplessness, unable to do quality work.

To summarize, we must remember that it is okay for the time being to give ourselves the break we require to regain perspective and rejuvenate the mind. And here's the best part - it is our own decision as to how much of a break we need; a couple of hours, a day or even a whole week, it depends on our own needs completely. Allow yourself to a guilt-free time- off; binge watches the show shamelessly, read the novel in 2 days straight, film a YouTube video, spend hours on the PlayStation; Give your mind and soul the time it needs without being hard on yourself. And you will see for yourself when you come out of your little time off, you will feel much more productive, inspired and happy!

by - Alaina Rara

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