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Ways to bond with your friends during quarantine and how it helps.

I think it’s safe to say that quarantine has got our lives trapped into a bubble of monotony and despair. We’ve run out of things to do and even conversations have become repetitive. We’re all in the search for a refreshing change and ways to keep ourselves connected to our close ones. Don’t worry anymore, here are a few ways to have fun with your friends while staying safe:

1) Have a cook-off with Disney’s most famous recipes right from your kitchen 

With Disney Parks’ recently released churro bites and Dole Whip recipes, have the time of your life cooking with your friends on facetime. Don’t forget to pair it with a Disney movie after all the hard work!

2) Get up from the couch!

Get fit together by taking virtual fitness classes or even making your workout routines together. Power yoga or Pilates -what’s it going to be?

3) Make some money

Host workshops, be interns or start your online venture. The internet can be a great place to get a little extra pocket money.

4) Get in touch with your creative side

Take this time to refine your creative skills together with an online class or even an entire course on art, dance, music, literature, direction or photography, there are tonnes of options to explore from.

5) Become intellectuals watch documentaries, dwell deep into your favourite subject or simply exchange novels. No one can ever go wrong with a good book and an interesting discussion to follow with your friends.

6) Time to DIY 

DIYs are the best way to pass time at home. You can make your mask, tie-dye your clothes or give your room a makeover. Brainstorm with your friends and get your aesthetic side working.

7) Start a blog/podcast together

Become co-writers and create your blog or podcast. It could be a daily journal, makeup and fashion, sports or anything you and your friends are passionate about. Put your voice out there and have fun on your platform.

8) Cleaning spree           

Cleaning out your room sounds so hectic alone, but gather all your friends on a zoom call and start sweeping and it’ll feel like a party. put on your all-time favourite songs and jam along as you work, it’ll be a satisfactory and enjoyable day.

9) Put on your internet shoes and become explorers

Google earth will let you travel to the wilderness from your computer to 31 locations like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon National Park or let you explore the world with a tour of the 7 wonders of the world.

10) It’s game time!

Bring out your competitive side and have a virtual game night with your friends. You could indulge in a game of Mario kart or the classic- monopoly.

By creating new ways to have a good time and stay connected to our friends, the feeling of loneliness and despair during the pandemic is greatly decreased. A hearty and careless laugh releases endorphins which makes us feel happy. Making such plans, even virtually, gives us something to look forward to, to break the monotony of the repetitive days. These activities are also a great way to strengthen existing relationships and develop a deeper bond within your friend circle. Moreover, such social interactions are a major factor in your mental well-being and even how you feel about yourself during such restricted times. 

Make sure to be there and check in on your friends. call each other frequently and keep them in the loop. Good and healthy friendships are the core foundation of life and the pandemic mustn’t come in the way of making cherished memories with the people we care about to look back upon.

By - Alaina Rara Graphic by - Rozanne Jojo

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