What I Will Do When I Get Out

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It’s been 3 months approximately since the very first lockdown was announced. All of us are eagerly waiting to go out and get back to our respective routines. But for now, it’s better if we would stick to rules and continue the practice of social distancing so that we can quickly resume our normal lives. I’m sure all of us have our list of plans to fulfill when we get out. I, like you all, have my fair share of plans to fulfill when I get out, that I wish to share.

Firstly, I would go and meet my grandparents and spend a good amount of time with them. Currently, we stay connected through facetime calls and I must admit that both of them are quite technologically equipped. Apart from this, I would also want to eat my Nani’s hand cooked rajma chawal whenever I meet her. Like all the couples in the lockdown, my boyfriend and I have our list of post lockdown plans ready, it’s been a while since we last met because sticking to the rules and regulations is way more important right now. Since both of us are nature lovers, we plan to go on a peacock sightseeing near the Aravalis. The picture below is the place where we go to and spot a lot of peacocks. Nature is indeed very therapeutic; it gives you an unmatched sense of calmness.

Since I’m an avid lover of pastries and cakes, I would also look forward to visiting my favorite Korean bakery shop, Sibang. It’s a cozy café plus bakery and has a great spread of items which can scintillate one’s taste buds.

Also, this lockdown has made me appreciate the eminence of my friends and how they have been supportive throughout the current scenario. When this lockdown ends, I’ll hug my friends tightly and tell them that we finally made it. We would chill out and hang out at our favorite spots.

Initially, at the very first phase of lockdown, I became lethargic as I wasn’t accustomed to staying home all the time. The closing of gyms made me lose touch with my regular exercise and my sleeping schedule got dilapidated as well. I’ve been trying to get everything on track, especially my fitness regime. I make sure to exercise at least for half an hour every day, and if I don’t want to do an exhausting workout then, as an alternative, I practice meditation with yoga. All of this has made me realize the cruciality of fitness in one’s life. As soon as gyms reopen, I’ll make sure that I keep exercising and appreciating the value of gyms or fitness centers.

Thankfully, God has given me enough privileges to sustain my needs. This pandemic has made me cognizant of the basic necessities in life and how fortuitous I’m that I can bear the expense of the same. As soon as the current situation puts on a normal footing, I would make sure that I work towards the upliftment of the unprivileged sector of the society which has been affected the most during the lockdown.

At last, I would conclude by saying that we can try and make the best out of the prevailing scenario, this pandemic is awakening through which we can familiarize ourselves with novel activities and given us a breather from our fast – paced lives as well as rejuvenated the environmental conditions.

By – Shriya Bhatt Feature image by – Gayathri Nair

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